Fee Fie Foe Fum - KCi & JoJo

You've been leaving
Every night at the very same time
You claim you've been goin' to work
But I ain't seen one damn dime, baby
?????? he cried at you
Bring a nightgown trimmed in lace
'Cause the one I just bought for you
Disappeared without a trace

Late at night, I hold my pillow tight
And I wish that it was you
I'm up 'til 6 o'clock
When you turn the lock
Feelin' like I'm abused
'Cause baby, I think you're doing me wrong

(Chorus 2x)
Fee fie foe fum
Got a feelin' you've been creepin' with someone
How could you do this to me?
Thought that you really loved me

Listen baby
How could you
Try to play me like I was your fool
Why stay
If you wanna play
Baby girl, you've got to move
Someone called me late last night
He didn't leave his name
All he said to me was "watch your back
'cause your girl is playing you"

(Chorus to fade)


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